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Orthodontic Treatments: Not Just Cosmetic

Orthodontic Treatments

Although one of the well recognized benefits of Orthodontic treatments is a straight and beautiful smile, it has other benefits that impact far more than how we look. Having straightened teeth could influence more than the look of your smile, but can also affect other connected parts of your body for the better too!

A Healthier Bite and Jaw

Misalignment of teeth and jaw may have an impact on bone erosion over time due to pressure the misalignment can cause. It is also possible to affect muscles around the face and jaw, which can cause issues with your jaw, such as popping, jaw, neck, or shoulder pain, and even headaches!

Orthodontic treatments can impact more than the look of your smile by realigning your teeth, but in certain situations, may be able to improve jaw alignment, and create a healthy bite, helping to relieve pressure that can hurt your muscle and bone health in your mouth and jaw.

Better Oral Health

Aligning teeth properly also often assists in better oral hygiene, creating an environment where brushing and flossing is more thorough because teeth can properly be cleaned due to straighter positioning. This discourages tooth decay and plaque build up in the mouth and encourages oral hygiene that is more thorough and effective than what it may have been before when certain areas were hard to reach because of crooked, overlapping, or gapped teeth.

Better Digestion

Having well aligned teeth may even impact your chewing and digestion. Chewing improperly has the possibility of affecting jaw muscles, and digestion, causing strain on your digestive system as improperly chewed food takes longer to digest and process in your body. Orthodontic treatments which align your teeth may have an affect on these kinds of issues because you may be able to chew more properly and effectively once your teeth have been aligned and your bite is corrected.

In short, depending on your situation and needs, having your teeth realigned through orthodontic treatments such as braces or invisalign may have an affect on the rest of your body. Call your local Corsicana, Mansfield, Seagoville or Waxahachie Dental Office to hear more about the options available to you to not only have a beautiful smile, but a healthy one too!

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