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Invisalign and Student-Athletes: A Perfect Match

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has captured the attention of the planet. Fans from around the globe have watched with baited breath, wondering if their favorite team was going to make it to the top.

Teen athletes have also been engrossed by World Cup fever, particularly those who play soccer. For many, the idea of becoming professional players and landing college scholarships with their skills leads them to push themselves physically.

Invisalign Forwards: A Soccer Documentary Series

Invisalign created a docuseries highlighting the accomplishments and challenges of two teen soccer players from around the country as they pursue their passions on the field and off as they journey toward their dream of making it to the USA CUP, a soccer tournament for teen athletes.

Invisalign and Student-Athletes: A Perfect MatchThe episodes follow Lance and Kayla, two teen athletes working their way to the USA CUP. Each of the players encountered their fair share of trials, including a house fire that took Kayla’s childhood home and Lance’s family’s loss of their home.

Invisalign and Student-Athletes: A Perfect MatchBoth Lance and Kayla used soccer to help calm them during times of stress, helping them manage the challenges of life and focus on the positive. And, with Invisalign, they are also able to achieve beautiful smiles while striving toward their goals.

Why Invisalign is Ideal for Teen Athletes

Invisalign clear aligners provide student-athletes with a method for straightening their teeth without impacting their activities. Since the aligners can be removed during practices and games, they don’t get in the way. Plus, they ensure that teen athletes can comfortably wear mouth guards while they engage in sports, keeping their teeth properly protected at all times.

The clear aligners are discrete, ensuring your student-athlete can smile confidentially during treatment as most people won’t be able to tell that the aligners are there.

Having straighter teeth can boost confidence. Your teen won’t have to worry that the appearance of their smile is holding them back, which can make them happier.

Invisalign is a fast, effective approach for a variety of alignment and bite issues. If you are interested in Invisalign, your Corsicana, Mansfield, Seagoville or Waxahachie dentist and orthodontist can help you determine if Invisalign is right for your teen, helping them achieve a radiant smile that can improve their confidence today and into the future.

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