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Warning: Soda Affects Your Teeth Negatively

Soda affects your teeth

Your teeth are highly sensitive to consumption of soda, and it’s been long known that soda affects your teeth negatively. The acids and sugar content in sodas result in tooth decay. On top of this, the dark-colored soda variety also has the tendency to severely stain your teeth. Let’s look at what we know.

Stained or Eroded?

Dark-colored sodas contain certain compounds that are detrimental to your oral health. Enamel, the protective outer layer on your tooth absorbs these compounds, discoloring the teeth and making them brown and yellow. One of the ways soda affects your teeth are the severe stains you may see all over your teeth.

Lighter sodas don’t directly cause stains but trigger the staining process which has the same impact in the long run.

Besides causing stains, drinking soda also leads to tooth erosion. The acids present in the soda causes the enamel to wear away over time. According to, this may even be caused by clear sodas or diet sodas. Once your teeth start eroding, your gums and teeth come under serious threat of further stains and discoloration.

Soda affects your teeth by containing high sugar content that helps the oral bacteria to generate more acids which pose serious risks in terms of developing cavities and more serious diseases.

Protective Measures

The best way to maintain oral hygiene is to cease your soda consumption, especially the dark-colored soda. Why take any risks? However, if you just can’t resist drinking soda, you can still minimize the effects by taking some protective measures. Among the most effective strategy is to use a straw to drink.

This would ensure minimum contact between soda and the outer teeth. Additionally, drinking water right after consuming soda is another great tactic as it would quickly wash away the sugar content and acids that pose a threat to your teeth.

Similarly, brushing your teeth is an even more effective measure as it rubs off the harmful soda content from your teeth before it can damage your teeth. Drinking soda with some food also helps minimize the negative impacts. Make sure that you visit your local dentist at least once in each six-month period.

Treating Damaged Teeth

If you are already facing tooth stains or erosion, you should immediately book an appointment with an experienced local Corsicana, Mansfield, Seagoville or Waxahachie dentist. Doing so could reveal more severe oral problems that may have developed beyond your knowledge.

If you are upset with discoloration of teeth, consult a dentist regarding the tooth whitening treatments and whitening trays and strips that can be used at home. Another effective tool is the use of whitening toothpaste that helps remove stains from the teeth. Remember, such toothpaste won’t assist in whitening the already discolored enamel surfaces though.

More importantly, remember not to consume soda when you are taking whitening measures. Soda affects your teeth by undermining whitening processes, since your teeth are more susceptible to discoloration during treatment.

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