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Traveling with Braces

Traveling with braces for the first time might make you feel nervous, but don’t fret! All you need are the right tools and a few tips to make it easy. Getting used to life with braces can seem overwhelming to navigate, but that’s why we’re here to help!

What to Pack

When you’re traveling with braces, it’s important to check before you go to make sure you have all the essentials you need. A toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are all definite “must-pack” items, but it’s also a good idea to add a few extra floss threaders and some packs of dental picks to keep with you wherever you are to help you take care of those difficult-to-clean areas around your braces.

What to Do for Snacks

Snacking when traveling with braces can be a bit more complicated than it was before you had braces, but it’s pretty easy once you get used to what you should and shouldn’t eat. Just keep a list handy to remind you when you stop to buy snacks or eat out.

You can also pack your own snacks ahead of time to make things even easier so you always have a few go-to snacks in a pinch. It can help you feel less tempted in case other people you’re traveling with decide to snack on something that might be harmful for your braces.

What to Do in an Emergency

Nobody ever wants to have to deal with a braces emergency, but if you’re traveling with braces, just the idea can make you extra nervous. The good news is, wherever you are, you can always call your orthodontist!

If your braces break or you have a concern, don’t try to fix it yourself! It’s always a good idea to call your orthodontist if in doubt. Chances are, they’ve dealt with exactly what you’re experiencing and will know just what to do. One more good reason to make sure to keep their number handy at all times, not just when you travel!

Before Your Trip

Before you go on your trip, it’s also a good idea to schedule your next appointment. If possible, try to fit it in before you leave so that if there’s an unexpected delay or change of plans with your trip, you’re less likely to miss any necessary appointments. It’s also a great chance to ask your orthodontist any additional questions you might have about traveling with braces!

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